Nadia Jamil is feeling relaxed for the first time in weeks

Actor Nadia Jamil is healing in the sun and feeling relaxed for the first time in weeks.

Earlier this month, she had her first chemotherapy session. Back in April, the actor told fans that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently in the UK for treatment.

Taking to Instagram, Jamil said that she was gathering strength. “There has been devastating sadness and incredible love accompanying me since my diagnosis. Every day I face my weaknesses and my strengths. Every day I learn to embrace that gratitude that defined me for so long,” she said.

“As my hair and physical strength are left behind I look more carefully at my face. And as a dear friend says… It is nice. And I think I got this,” she wrote in the caption. “There are children to raise and love, relationships to nurture, scripts to write, stories to tell, acting to teach and learn …there is life… And how beautiful it is right now in this moment w the sun, the singing birds and this particular bay tree and rose bush next to me…”

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